I worked with Yolanda Weisman for three months. Within four weeks of following the program/instructions/techniques, I started to see andfeel concrete results. I can now say that I was able to go from an insecure person in my work-relationship with my boss to a person that now has been given a promotion in my job!  I am grateful and happy with my results.

  • Marcela J. -Toronto


I have been working with Yolanda Weisman on my Inner Bonding process.  I can honestly say this is the best thing that has happened to me!  This work has helped me to know myself to love myself.  I feel free and very happy.  Every time I have a meeting with Yolanda, I feel like a 100-lb weight are been taking off of me!  She is a very professional, kind, and loving person.  Her work with people is amazing! I will recommend her to my family and friends.

  • Ana – Renton



Hi everybody!!! I really hope this testimony contributes and helps others grow as I am growing. My name is Paola Andrea, I´m Colombian, I am 33 years old. So, let me start by saying that my childhood was pretty calm, fun and full of learning.

The challenges in my life begin when I was just a teenager. When I was around 15 years old, I started to feel buried of everything, I didn´t like most people, events, even high school. I felt extremely sad and terrible. Suddenly, I couldn’t finish my career; in my job, I felt disappointed and underpaid. My relationships were awful, and I was divorced within a few years of being married.

Within me, I inquired: “Why is all this is happening?” Searching for the answer I tried seminars, books, self-help audios, yoga classes, while at the same time I was attending different churches; nothing helped! From time to time, I was able to advance in my life, while other times I felt stuck, and on many occasions I had to start all over again.

To my advantage, I have the blessing of knowing about” Hope Love Tools -coaching for life” which I strongly recommend to everyone! As a result of participating in their coaching sessions I have understood that everything on my mind depends on my faith and efforts. I´m constantly designing my life with my conscious thoughts; this has completely changed my way of thinking. I have developed the habit of constantly checking my mood and my thoughts, which I feel it empowers me. Now I feel more confident, positive, and even more beautiful. I have had the opportunity to evaluate my-self, and the various aspects of me that I didn´t like. I realized that permanent gratefulness, and that loving my-self is the great beginning for blessing all in my life. If I don´t know how to solve something, I now have assertive tools to transform, improve, change, and renovate the circumstances in my life. I know how to declare my own good and how to visualize this ‘good’ as well. Nowadays, I have clarified my mission in life while remembering where I was; I know where I am, and I have declared clear and strong goals for my future. I feel hopeful, blessed, and thankful with you my beautiful Yolanda, with God, and with life for this life motivating/changing guidance.

  • Paola Andrea   Bogota


Good morning dear friend. In reference to my testimony, I can disclose that due to your service I have a new way of viewing ‘life’. Before, I was constantly depressed, anxious, and carrying an unconscious load of stress I was perpetuating upon myself. Currently, I trust myself and the decisions I make regarding my future; especially living my life as who ‘I’ choose to be, rather than the expectations others may have about me. My new friendships know me as ‘me’, and I feel fully accepted.

One of the most important lessons I discovered though this Coaching was that only I have the power to change who I am, and that I must accept others without judging who they are. Thank you with all my heart for your help, guidance, and support. We will remain in contact. God bless you in everything that you do.

  • Irene- California