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Everyone has been hurt deeply by someone else at some point in their lives.  Learning to forgive and continue loving is a gift to one’s self.

This injury caused pain…resulting from some violent or reckless act…something that occurred over the course of many years…or something that just happened moments ago.

Forgiving others is difficult because sometimes we don’t want to forgive. We want to strike back. We want justice.

We ignore or become oblivious to the universal law: what goes around comes around. We want the offender to know the pain they have inflicted upon us.

  • To forgive the offender empowers the one who forgives.
  • True forgiveness is an act of grace from God.
  • Radical forgiveness results in a changed attitude.
  • We realize forgiveness takes place when we genuinely seek the well-being of the offender.
  • When we make an effort to restore a relationship rather than avoid it, forgiveness occurs.
  • Forgiveness takes place when past actions no longer hold present significance.
  • Forgiveness is real when love replaces hatred and pain.
  • Forgiveness in the true sense is unconditional. It comes from the heart, demanding nothing.
  • Forgiveness is the decision to let go of resentment and thoughts of revenge and retaliation.