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We have choices in life: we can choose to look up and keep on keeping on. We can also choose to keep on looking down and become paralyzed. Either way, the results will become visible, fully manifesting the polarity of our choice.  YW

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9. As long as you keep trying to be someone else rather than yourself, you will never really achieve the greatness that is already in you!
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The feeling of anger is a disease that must be cured before it becomes a cancer! Y.W.


As a Transformational Coach, I teach visualization techniques to my clients.  I teach them the importance of feeling as if they have already achieved their goals. The concepts (or mental pictures) one holds while visualizing, is an important aspect of creating the


Success is created by changing your belief system.  Incorrect belief is what creates your sense of  failure.

Do you live in your comfort zone?

If you do, there are ways to change that.  Learn to transform your life from where you are to where you want to be through transformational coaching. 1) Understand the parameters of your personal comfort zone. 2) Realize that existing


Be still, be quiet , I AM in control, you must obey me you are subject to my command, you cannot intrude where you do not belong, Peace be still, Peace be still, Peace be still and know that I


Stress is created by he who feels it.  Stress cannot be managed; stress can be prevented.


He who is seeking happiness must let go of the illusion of control or it will never happen.


Good  things only come to those who are willing to work toward wholeness.