The unwilling person  is always  finding reasons for why he or she cannot do something. In contrast the individual who  wants to do something always finds the time, the way and the motivation to achieve every goal. This behavior is called


Personal power manifests as we become aware. As we are able to consciously follow our thoughts at every moment, we learn to re-direct the energy behind them into the goals we are willing to achieve. Thereafter, personal power becomes a


Silent is a form of meditation…..


We create our lives conscious or unconscious by the choices we make every moment of the day. Be mindful choose your thoughts carefully.  


For it is absolute universal law that you cannot be given a test for which you have not been given preparation- SB-1974


We have choices in life: we can choose to look up and keep on keeping on. We can also choose to keep on looking down and become paralyzed. Either way, the results will become visible, fully manifesting the polarity of our choice.  YW

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Most of the time people dwell on the fear of rejection  than the Joy of success….



9. As long as you keep trying to be someone else rather than yourself, you will never really achieve the greatness that is already in you!
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