Year: 2012


Joy flows from and is perpetually renewed by the flame within your heart.  Nothing that is within you can be taken from you.    

I can Be

I can BE what I will to BE.


Discover the Tenderness of the heart so you can give that Tenderness to others


One’s unhealed integrity issues are the root cause of self-abusive behavior.   Mending, together with self-healing, lifts the burdens caused by self-violations to one’s soul, thus, lifting the chaos caused to the soul in the process.  

The world Within…

The world within is the cause The  effect is in the outside world … The effects don’t change… To change the effect one must change the cause.  


Magic happens when one restores personal integrity.

By Love

By love we are transformed.  

I Believe

I believe that forgiveness is the foundation to personal freedom. Without forgiveness we are held back by our own feelings, thoughts, resentments, and misconceptions that we believe about ourselves and others. This also applies to places and circumstances that were

Significant Life Event

As you and I discover in  our journey forward, significant life events don not only occur during childhood. Event,s big or smal,l in our lives can create “traumas” if we do not understand or are not capable of assimilating them in a

To Be or not to Be

Be aware that too many days are wasted comparing ourselves to others and daydreaming to be something we are not. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.  It is only when you accept everything you are – and are not – that